Bringing Nature Back

This wonderful species, Equus Caballus, has been our compliant companion throughout history, with much compromise on their part. My passion is driven by a need to create compatible dietary solutions which enable our equine friends to flourish, and live their lives in health and well-being.

Flourish is not just a brand; it’s my life’s work, my passion.

Linda Bennis, BSc (Hons)
Founder,  Flourish Horse Health

Redefining Equine Nutrition

By understanding equine physiology, we are able to offer nourishing solutions in harmony with the unique, sensitive equine digestive system and microbiome.

The Flourish Foundation

We’re working towards building The Flourish Foundation to help horses, donkeys and mules across the world

Our Story

My mission has always been to help horses achieve health, comfort, and well-being by bringing a little bit of nature back with our unique, bespoke horse feed.

After almost 25 years from the birth of TOTAL horse feed, knowledge and change has led us to focus on and address current equine dis-ease and create broader solutions to nurture and support our beloved equines during modern-day challenges. The well-being and care of horses is always our priority and motivation.

The Flourish Concept

Flourish aims to nourish horses with the knowledge that they have had to adapt to modern day environmental and feeding practices which often creates discomfort and disease. We understand that all horses have the same digestive system but with individual energy and metabolic needs depending on their life and work status.

The Flourish Feed Concept meets these needs as it contains gut-friendly, digestible ingredients which supply sustainable energy without causing acidosis or disrupting the sensitive equine digestive system and microbiome.

Their Stories

The Flourish Foundation

Equine nutritional health has always been my passion and work but driving that passion is a life mission to help horses in need. Having spent many years working in Andalucia, I also visited nearby Morocco, witnessing the plight of the working donkeys, mules, and horses. Small changes can make a big difference to working equines in harsh conditions such as this, so ever since I have been investigating ways to help or offer support where it may be needed at home or abroad.

Thank you for supporting us by choosing Flourish for your horses. We are very grateful to you all.


Join Us

Become a Stockist

Whilst Flourish Horse Feed is available via our web shop in various quantities for direct delivery, our goal is to make Flourish available to everyone on a local basis so that we can offer a personal service and get to know our customers and their horses. Therefore, we invite like-minded people to join our Team as local Stockists and Equine Professionals.