The Flourish Foundation

Our Mission

Equine nutritional health has always been my passion and work but driving that passion is a life mission to help horses in need. Having spent many years working in Andalucia, I also visited nearby Morocco, witnessing the plight of the working donkeys, mules, and horses. Small changes can make a big difference to working equines in harsh conditions such as this, so ever since I have been investigating ways to help or offer support where it may be needed at home or abroad.

Thank you for supporting us by choosing Flourish for your horses. We are very grateful to you all.


Our Contribution

Sustainable projects work best with self sufficiency and education, so this is the basis for the Flourish Foundation. Going forward we will begin feeding the Foundation with a percentage of our revenue to build a solid base from which we can both offer support for ongoing projects, along with our own projects where we are able to help with expertise and practical solutions, such as nutrition (formulated locally for sustainability), shelter and welfare/equine education centres.