The Concept

Complete Nutrition

FLOURISH Original was our signature, pioneering feed, developed almost 25 years ago as the first complete, cereal-free horse feed ever developed.  All the ingredients were chosen, not only for their digestibility and suitability for the sensitive equine digestive system, but also to provide optimum nutrient levels and negate the use of daily supplements. (unless medicinal)

FLOURISH Evolve was developed to recognise that, over time, horses have more complex needs, with many suffering metabolic and digestive challenges due to modern day dietary and environmental stressors. Therefore, we have evolved our feed to help meet those needs by adding our bespoke herbal blend, aimed specifically at the microbiome and intestinal lining whilst maintaining the foundation of our long-established signature feed.


Not Just a Treat….

We build a bond of trust when we reward our horses for positive behaviour, and feeding our treats has the double benefit of supporting health and intestinal equilibrium.

Every treat offers a mouthful of multi species natural plants, with added Magnesium, Turmeric, Linseed and Beneficial Herbs to support your horse’s health and align with a holistic, supportive plant diet.

FLOURISH rewards are naturally low in sugar and starch, rich in nutrients and microbiome enhancing plant fibres.

Our Treats have been designed to be suitable for horses/ponies with metabolic issues, laminitis and gastric ulcers.

TOTAL Rewards are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain:- Alfalfa, Molasses, GM material or artificial preservatives.

Ayurvedic Blends

FLOURISH Xpel – In the wild horses seek out certain herbs and plants to help repel or expel unwanted gut inhabitants, but are rarely able to do so in their modern-day habitat. Flourish Xpel is a unique combination of Ayurvedic and European herbs, formulated by an equine scientist, to assist in maintaining intestinal hygiene.

Xpel can be used as part of your annual control, along with paddock hygiene, faecal egg counts and suitable, supportive nutrition to help maintain homeostasis and support the gastrointestinal and immune system.