Caroline Finch & Novida

Supporting gut health through long term medication

I bought my Lusitano mare, Novida, from Alsace as a 2 yr old and I have been feeding her Flourish for over 15 years. She started to suffer Uveitis as a 4-year-old and after 4 years of exploring cures, I found the best way to help her was a daily dose of NSAIDS. This kept inflammatory levels under control but of course long term medication affects gut health.

Novida’s eye attacks have eased over the years with just a few small blips – Equine Ophthalmologists are amazed and impressed at her eye health. It is an extraordinary testament to Flourish Horse Feed that, despite daily NSAIDS, Novida’s gut has survived and remained stable all these years. She has consistent well-formed droppings and her general health remains great. She continues to look and feel fantastic at 19.