Last hope for our pregnant mare with Grass Sickness

We have been using Flourish Horse Feed for 20 years and no other feed comes close to matching it. We were initially looking for nutritional advice for 2 horses who had different digestive problems – Malcolm who is an ex-intermediate eventer who suffered chronic bouts of colic, and Lady Macbeth who was also an ex-eventer diagnosed with grass sickness while 6 months in foal and at death’s door.

We started Malcolm on the feed first with immediate signs of improvement – he went from having 1 or 2 attacks a week to having 1 maybe every 8 weeks, and eventually hardly at all. He is still going strong in the field at 24. Lady Macbeth miraculously not only recovered from Grass Sickness but gave birth to a healthy foal and lived into very old age! I would never consider putting another feed into my horses’ mouths! Thank you, Linda and Flourish.

Liz Romyn – Event breeder & Competitor