‘Naturally Classical’ Iberian Stallions with calm energy and behaviour.

Over many years we have consistently fed FLOURISH Horse feed, to our Iberian stallions, together with high quality hay/haylage and of course turn out with grass.

Our stallions are in training and take part in our regular Workshops and Clinics to demonstrate the power of breath heart energy within Classical Training and loose work.

My passion has always been for horses and it is so important to me, that I offer, not only a lifestyle in harmony with their nature but also the most beneficial feed, to provide fresh and natural ingredients in total synchrony with their digestive system.

Our horses are so healthy and maintain a wonderful condition where Holistic Classical Training combines with Holistic Nutrition. Thank you, Linda, for your continued sponsorship and for providing this top of the range feed for our stallions.

Jenny Rolfe – Iberian Stallions

Jenny is the founder of ‘Naturally Classical’ and author of ‘Ride from the heart’ and ‘Breathe Life into your Riding’ www.naturallyclassical.com