Therapy Horse Leg Injury

Recently, our little Therapy Horse Elvis injured his leg and needed a course of antibiotics mixed in with his feed to aid his recovery.  Elvis couldn’t have done this
without Flourish Horse Health’s fantastic feed!

FLOURISH sponsor of all of our Therapy Horses’ feed and meeting all of their nutritional requirements. FLOURISH is an invaluable support to all of our herd with their feed helping to keep our Therapy Horses calm, happy and healthy all year round but it really came into its own to aid Elvis’ recovery. The feed was invaluable. A huge plus is that the feed can be used in confinement or with reduced movement without sugar/starch/insulin issues. It contains high antioxidant levels which aids tissue and physiological recovery too. Elvis loves his feed and to get all of these additional benefits as well as helping him take his medicine was incredible.

We are so grateful to FLOURISH Horse Health’s feed which helped Elvis get back to full cheekiness much much quicker