Alex Maclean & Blue

International Show Jumper – Fussy Eater

The management of my horses has always been based on scientific research and what is correct. I had been looking for a feed that was palatable but nutritionally balanced correctly to help Blue, my fussy, easily distracted and not very hungry 11-year-old Show Jumper.

My farrier, Jamie Hubbard, mentioned Flourish Horse Feed to me and I could not believe that it was what I’d been trying to recreate but in one bag. It has no soya, no cereals, nothing genetically modified and more to the point, has everything the horse needs. I spoke with Linda for well over an hour before I started Blue on this feed and her advice was invaluable.

I can genuinely say that there is a transformation in Blue at feed times and how we make her feeds – she now actually wants to eat her meals and I’m not spending a fortune buying half a dozen different bags of feed and mixing them together. Blue has always been on the lean side and anyone that knows her can’t believe how well she looks now. As a grey horse, it is difficult to get a lot of shine on her coat but I can’t deny that there’s now a sheen to her coat and it feels soft.

I cannot recommend Linda and her feed highly enough.