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Flourish is available across Europe and Internationally through Distributors and Stockists. For more information please contact us.

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      Whilst FLOURISH is available via our web shop in various quantities for direct delivery, our goal is to make FLOURISH available to everyone on a local basis so that we can offer a personal service and get to know our customers and their horses. Therefore, we invite like-minded people to join our Team as local Stockists and Equine Professionals.
      As one of our team, we share our knowledge and ongoing support so together we can make a difference.

      Become a Stockist

      Most of our Stockists are customers who have personally witnessed the benefits of Flourish in the health and vitality of their horses and gone one step further by joining our team of Flourish Stockists.

      As a Stockist you will benefit from a discount on larger purchases, which will enable you to offer Flourish to local customers at the retail rate.

      If you have an interest in holistic equine nutrition, together with adequate storage facilities, we invite you to join our ream.  Please fill in the details below.

      Equine Professionals

      Our Equine Professionals come from all sections of the horse world, including Farriers, Equine Physiologists, Veterinarians, Trainers, Therapists and Competition Riders. They have all noticed the benefits of Flourish directly from the vitality, health and performance of the horses they work with.

      Some Equine Professionals will already be Stockists, whilst others introduce their clients to Flourish and receive a ‘thank you’ commission on every sale.

      If you share our belief in Flourish and would like to join our team as an Equine Professional, please fill in your details below.


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