Our tasty treats include:

Magnesium:  Aids muscle and nerve function and helps balance soil/grass deficiency

Multi species Meadow grass:  Natural fibres for microbiome health

Oat husk fibre:  High fibre, low starch husk for digestible fibre and gut motility

Chamomile:  Calming and soothing

Spearmint: Digestive herb

Turmeric: Needs no introduction

Rosemary:  Antioxidant rich to help cleanse free radicals and toxins

Thyme:  High in vitamins C and A for immune support

Marjoram:  Cardiovascular and Digestive support

Linseed:  Omega 3 and 6 in balanced ratio for nerve, coat, skin and hoof health

Oregano – Oregano has natural anti-bacterial/fungal properties with qualities, naturally maintaining your horse’s intestinal health and digestion

Sage – Along with respiratory disorders, sage has been used historically to support the digestive system, including bloating and loose stools

Parsley – Parsley is a common herb, often used for flatulence and disorders of the kidney and bladder

Garlic – Garlic is well known for its varied uses and support of the respiratory system in small doses, as in our Rewards.