Our Story

Flourish Horse Health was born from a need and the understanding of how horses can maintain health and equilibrium throughout their lives.

Linda Bennis, BSc (Hons)
Founder Flourish Horse Health

Flourish was created by Equine Physiologist, Linda Bennis, who had a vision to formulate the first cereal-free, complete feed almost 25 years ago. At that time Linda was working as an equine nutritionist in southern Spain, where many horses were suffering diet related diseases.  This inspired Linda to set about developing a complete feed concept which was naturally compatible with the equine digestive system.

Since then, horses across Europe and beyond have enjoyed the benefits of FLOURISH, from young to old in all walks of life and work. Due to the unique formulation and compatibility with the horse’s sensitive digestive system, FLOURISH can be safely fed to all horses in all disciplines and life-stages.

Linda Bennis

BSc (Hons), AIUK (dip), AAPUK

I was born loving animals, especially horses, obsessed with understanding their physiology and digestion, knowing this was the key to health and life quality. This led me to a degree in Equine Science & Physiology, and subsequently, the Veterinary University in Córdoba, in Spain. This was where I carried out research for my   thesis, and clinical work with Iberian horses suffering endemic diet-related diseases such as colic, laminitis and gastric ulceration.

These wonderful  Iberian horses were my inspiration and the catalyst to developing a functional, cereal-free feed to support and nourish horses from the inside out!