Feeding Guidelines

Due to the unique formulation and compatibility to the horse’s sensitive digestive system, FLOURISH can be safely fed to all horses in all disciplines and life-stages. Our FLOURISH Horse Feed Concept takes the complexity and guess work out of feeding different horses with a range of feeds or unnecessary, expensive supplements. The high digestibility and and optimum nutrient profile of FLOURISH means that simple quantity adjustment is all that is needed to meet your individual horse’s daily energy and nutrient requirements.

Every horse is an individual and should be fed as such, but here are some general feeding

Overweight/Good doers

Equine obesity is common amongst our horses and has been reported as being the ‘norm’ in the UK and other countries. There are also certain breeds of horses or ‘types’ who are predisposed to gaining weight on very little, such as our much-loved Cobs. However, restrictive feeding poses a problem for our horses, as by nature they are trickle feeding herbivores designed to graze and chew for 16-18 hours/day. 


This worked well for the equine species when it roamed the fibrous, grass plains, or lived in areas such as the Iberian Peninsula where dry lands meant grazing was mostly high fibre foliage, low in sugar and calories.

When horses with efficient metabolism – known as’ good doers’ are housed on sugar laden grass or quality hay, they gain weight which not only poses a practical problem for the owner, but can lead to diseases such as Laminitis, Insulin Resistance (IR), Equine Metabolic Syndrome, (EMS), Leptin Resistance (LR), and more.

Restricting feed and calorie intake seems the obvious solution, but this can cause physiological problems for a species designed to chew on an almost continuous basis. Chewing stimulates saliva production, which acts as a buffer to gastric acid and prevents ulceration occurring. Restricting the feed portion of the diet is not a good option either (unless it is cereal based), as these vital nutrients are needed to compensate for deficiencies in grazing and hay and supply balanced nutrition. So the solution lays in high fibre, low sugar forage, which due to high fibre content needs more chew time, and less consumption. Slow feeders for hay and track systems for grazing are options being considered more nowadays. Flourish supplies all daily nutrients, so owners do not have worry about lower quality hay as we have the nutrition covered!

Min intake of 1.5kgs /day.

Resting & Light Work

The elevated levels of vitamins & mineral, along with highly digestible fibre and oil content means that smaller portions can be fed to horses that are resting or in light work ensuring that their nutritional needs are met and mineral deficiencies balanced.

Average intake 1-2kgs/day

Brood Mares & Youngsters

The high quality and broad-spectrum protein sources supply essential amino acids required by brood mares in the final stages of gestation, and during lactation. The low water-soluble carbohydrate content (starch & sugar), and balanced nutrients promotes steady bone growth for youngsters, helping to prevent the risk of developmental orthopaedic issues during the critical growth stages of their lives.

Average intake 3-4kgs/day

Hard Workers & Performers

Increased quantities of FLOURISH can be safely fed to working & competition horses who need more energy and higher nutrient levels. Energy is primarily supplied by super fibres and oil which are readily digested without the detrimental and hyperactive effects of starch overload associated with cereal-based feeds. The inclusion of probiotics ensures optimum fibre digestion, nutrient absorption and protects horses from digestive upset when travelling and competing.

Unlike cereal based feed, FLOURISH does not provoke insulin ’spikes’  so can be fed closer to competition without the risk of insulin related fatigue and impaired performance. FLOURISH Evolve is suitable for all performance horses in all disciplines and levels.

Average intake 3-4kgs/day

Elderly & Convalescing Horses

As FLOURISH is based on ingredients suited to the sensitive digestive system of the horse, elderly and convalescing horses will particularly benefit from the quality fibres, elevated vitamins & minerals, and immune-supporting herbs. Geriatrics will also benefit from the nutrient density when intake is reduced through low appetite or dental deterioration, along with the antioxidants, which help mop up free radicals and maintain a healthy immune system.

Average intake 1.5-3kgs